What's included?

For any Ben and Bealach camping experience you will be provided with some basic kit to keep you warm, dry, and fed.  You will also have the option of transport from and returning to Scotland's major cities.

All camp meals are included in the price and will be discussed with you prior to the start of the trip.  This includes lunches for each day of the trip, dinner and breakfast for each night, and snacks to keep your energy up.

Here is the kit we provide along with food and transport:



An essential for our experiences.  You will be provided with a two-man Vango Nemesis 200 tent.  Its strong design, ease of assembly and spacious interior will help you feel safe and get a comfortable night's sleep.  You will be expected to share your tent with another member of the group.


Inflatable Camping Mat

One of the key principles to keeping warm when camping out is to protect yourself from heat loss through the ground.  You will be provided with a full length MultiMat.  This mat is compact when stored and elevates you off the ground on a cushion of air.  


Cooking set

We will be cooking our own meals when out on expedition so to help you do this safely and quickly you will be provided with a cooking kit, including a simple, easy to use, gas stove.  


Midge protection

Scotland is renowned for it's midges.  That tiny biting insect known for driving you around the bend.  As infuriating as they can be, they need specific conditions to thrive: still, damp and warm.  In the mountains of Scotland these conditions occurring all at the same time isn't as common as it is made out to be.  In fact this summer past I didn't have to use a midge net once!  But, for your peace of mind we will supply this piece of kit.

What kit of my own will I need? My Kit List