Eildon Overnighter

With the skies forecast to be clear it was the ideal opportunity to check out bivvy spots on the Eildon Hills.  I'm looking to develop a one-night, summer, "escape the rat race" microadventure experience, using these hills as an easily accessible site for a night under the stars. More news on this soon...

The Eildons are the often photographed Borders hills that overlook Melrose.  Less than an hour's walk from any side will see you on top of these iconic hills with views in all directions.

I chose to set up my bivvy on the eastern top (the site of a Bronze age fort) in a small dip just south of the cairn.  I then set-in to watch the sunset with plenty tea and instant noodles to keep me warm.  

The night was cold.  The usual bivvy condensation turned to frost and the tarp above my head iced over where my warm breath escaped the sleeping bag.  However, the crystal clear skies were more than enough reward for a light sleep, including the odd meteor and numerous satellite passes.  As was watching the sun slowly emerge over the Cheviot whilst I defrosted with tea and porridge.