Snowy Microadventure (Wed. 8th Feb.)

In Scotland, winter is the best time for a night under the stars (or cloud).  A bold statement perhaps, but if it is snowing then at least you are guaranteed a midge free night!  So, with snow forecast, I packed my kit plus my new £5 tarp and headed out into the night.

It was a short walk from Oldtown to the top of Pittendreich (508m) via Burnside, and I arrived in a shower of fine snow.  I took a few minutes to scout around the large cairn to find the best place to site my bivvy.  The lee side of a small pine tree provided a bit of shelter from the cold breeze and a springy heather mattress.  I used the new tarp to create a simple lean-to shelter and settled in for the night.


The shelter worked well keeping the snow and wind off my bivvy, and my much-travelled 3-season sleeping bag (plus all my clothes) kept the cold just about at bay.  I woke in the cloud, around 7am, to snow laden trees and the early light.  A couple of brews of tea brought me slowly back to life whilst I enjoyed that soft quiet afforded by the cloud and the snow. 

A beer suitable for the occasion

A beer suitable for the occasion


"Microadventure" is a term coined by the adventurer Alistair Humphreys.  He's been making it his mission to spread the word about small scale everyday adventures.  Check out his website if you're interested:

He is also speaking next month at the Aviemore Adventure Festival about his round the world cycle: